Charles ElvinCharles Elvin
Chief Executive, ILM

Charles Elvin joined ILM in January 2012 from the Open University, where he was the Director of the Business to Business Division.

Before that, Charles led the British Standards Institution’s global commercial learning and training business. He has also held senior roles in leading blue chip companies including UBS and RM.

Charles is a regular conference speaker and media commentator on the business impact and importance of learning, professional development and use of technologies in learning. He is a vocal and passionate advocate of the importance of management development and effective leadership within organisations.

David PardeyDavid Pardey
Senior Manager, Research & Policy, ILM

David has responsibility for leading ILM’s research strategy and creating partnerships with research organisations in the UK and abroad, exploring the reality of leadership and management practice today – finding out what works and what doesn’t, what’s needed and what’s not – and how leaders and managers can best improve their performance.

David writes widely in journals, magazines and websites on leadership and related themes and has published several books on leadership and management including: Team Leading, Introducing Leadership, Mindchange (Emotional Intelligence in Leadership) and Coaching.  He regularly speaks at conferences and seminars across the UK, in the USA and across Europe.  David is currently researching the reality of managerial decision-making practice.

  1. HI David
    Hope you are well
    IS 2001 teh lates report ion Leadership Trust that you have produced?

    kind Reagrds
    Deb Paskell – Rhindda Council

  2. sorry that should be 2011 report leadershio trust

  3. Hi Deb

    Yes, we only did it three times – 2009, 2010 and 2011.

    Best wishes


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